railroad station gretna

Rail Road Station Gretna

(Franklin & Pittsylvania) (The Pumpkin Vine) First it was Elba. Then it was Franklin Junction. Finally, Gretna.
Drawn by Donna Boles (Franklin County High School)           

consolidated mortgage gold bond

Consolidated Mortgage Gold Bond for 1000 from Norfolk & Western Railway Company for Remick Hodges & Co.


Mrs. Gertrude Casler Mann - for whom the local history room is named

plaque gertrude casler mann

bri plaque

miss elsie turner

Miss Elsie TURNER, April 17, 1908 - Sept. 15, 2012 (Franklin County Educator for Forty-Five Years).
By Nichols Studio, 1977.

taylor hodges store

Taylor Hodges Store (Penhook, VA) (Originally operated in by Guggenheimer 1881). It was bought by Taylor Hodges and operated by him and his brother –in-law, Mr. Henry Doss. In 1912 Hodges bought out Mr. Doss’s interest and operated the store as Hodges and Company were it operated as a railway ticket office and telegraph. The store was operated until Mr. Hodges death, May 11, 1950. Hodges had the reputation of being a kind man who fed and clothed needy people with no thought of reward.
By Debbie Shively, 10/31/1980.


Booker T. Washington (Afro-American slave who lived at Burroughs Plantation in Franklin County) 

john thornton home

John Thornton Home (1832) This cabin was erected in 1832 by John Thornton. He was the son of Starlin and Salley Moseley Thornton. The cabin stood at the foot of Thornton’s mountain, near Waidsboro. In 1977 the cabin was dismantled and moved to the Blue Ridge Farm Museum, Ferrum College, Ferrum, VA.

By Donna Bowles, 1983.

poplar grove school

Poplar Grove School (Where Mr. Pedro Thomas Sloan taught in about 1900).

By Trenda Carter, Sept. 4, 1980.

college street

College Street received its name from this building.

By Trenda Carter. Feb. 1980

central garage

Central Garage (Rocky Mount, VA) (Franklin County Woody Family).

By Donna Boles.

redwood umc

Redwood United Methodist Church built 1894. (Early records show that the land was donated by S.A. Chambers and wife, Josephine Meador Chambers and the deed was recorded Nov. 5, 1895. The church cemetery is still at the site of this building. The church was torn down around 1960 and the land sold).

By Lisa Ferguson, 1980.

boones mill station

Boones Mill Station - 1907-‘Just Waiting for the Train’

By ALNan Name, Jr., M.D., 1997.

nandw no 2147

Norfolk & Western No. #2147 at Boones Mill Station, circa 1950

By ALNan Name, Jr., MD, 1995-

dedication bm christian church

Dedication of Boones Mill Christian Church, 20 June 1920-   and home of Dr. C.L. Dillon (left).

By ALNan Name, Jr., M.D. 1996-