Family Resource Center Board


  • Dr. Sam Rogers, Chairman
  • Peggy Woody, Treasurer
  • Joan Rogers, Secretary
  • Angela Phillips, Family Resource Center Director
  • Warren Fauver
  • Jessica Heckman
  • Fred Jamison
  • Sarah Spencer
  • Sue Turner
  • Sue Ullman
  • Jean Waltrip
  • Louise Wimmer
  • Samantha Wood

Friends of the Friends

  • Tiffany Allen
  • Eyvette Evans
  • Melissa Newbill
  • Pastor Rodney Newbill
  • Cheryl Pagans
  • Amy Pendleton
  • Carla Yopp

Join the Board

Are you interested in joining our Board? We would love to have you. Call 540-483-5088 to find out how you can help make a difference!