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Posted on: January 4, 2022

Member Spotlight - January 2022

Robin Davis

Last January, Robin had a very minor stroke, it made her realize how fortunate she was, but also that she needed to get out and start doing more.  She saw the information about an EMT class starting in May and felt that might be the thing for her. In July she began volunteering with Glade Hill Volunteer Rescue Squad, she passed the NREMT in August. Her daughter, Sally Davis, has been volunteering with Glade Hill Rescue for many years and she realized this would be an opportunity to spend more time with her. Her husband, Rickey Davis, is a deputy with FCSO and her oldest daughter, Katey Bear, recently moved from the FC Communications Center to Roanoke City.  Her full-time job as a Senior Technology Manager with Cox Communications where she has been employed for 36 years.  Robin says, “It's exciting to learn something totally new and have work discussions with my family.  In my free time, I love snuggling with my 6-month-old grandson and riding roller coasters with my 7-year-old granddaughter.  In the summer you can find me in a pink kayak on Philpott Lake, but for the next several months, you'll find me with my head buried in the Advanced EMT textbook and wondering why I signed up to stress out over another National Registry Exam.”

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