What is required for a permit?

Requirements for permits will vary based upon the intended scope of work (i.e. a Construction Permit from the Health Department is required when a dwelling is to be constructed or when bedrooms are added, but not required for additions such as a sunroom or alterations such as finishing a basement). View the following requirements:

  • A completed Building permit application corresponding to the type of work will be required in addition to approvals/permits from other related departments (Health Department, Planning and Zoning Department, etc.)
  • Proof of Land Ownership or a signed and dated letter from the land owner authorizing the permit is required for all permits
  • Residential and Non Residential plans are required to be quarter inch/foot scaled plans, including a Foundation Plan, Wall Bracing Plan, Through Section (Footing to Roof) Plan, and Elevation Plans are required to accompany the permit application. A Braced Wall and Floor Plan are required for every level of the building. Foundation details are required to include:
    • Basement and crawlspace foundations may also require a rebar schedule (include dimensions and cut sections)
    • Footing dimensions
    • Foundation wall types
    • Heights
    • Thicknesses
  • Where additions or new buildings are to be constructed, Zoning approvals must be received from the Franklin County Planning and Zoning Department, the Town of Rocky Mount, or the Town of Boones Mill. Note: The Franklin County Planning and Zoning Department requires a Land Use permit for new buildings, structures, or additions on parcels located in the County, but outside of Town limits.

Residential & Non-Residential

Residential & Non-Residential Building Permits require plans to be submitted, reviewed, and approved by the Building Department prior to the issuance of the permit. The Residential review typically requires 5 business days. The Non-Residential review process may require additional time up to four weeks. Some Non-Residential permits may require sealed plans by a Virginia licensed Registered Design Professional (Architect/Engineer).

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