Long-Range Planning


The Long-Range Planning Team is responsible for the development, maintenance, and implementation of the comprehensive plan and other plans, including:

  • Corridor plans
  • Neighborhood plans
  • Small area plans
  • Special program plans
  • Village plans

The Long-Range Planning Team:

  • Conducts research and analysis using a variety of data sources to anticipate growth, development, population, and economic trends
  • Develops the necessary ordinances, policies, and programs to address community needs
  • Writes and administers grants
  • Manages and coordinates the County’s housing rehabilitation and indoor plumbing programs

Other responsibilities of the Long-Range Planning Team include:

  • Performs long-range and comprehensive planning studies
  • Maintains census data and other relevant statistical information related to demographic, development trends, and planning opportunities/constraints
  • Seeks and facilitates public input in the development of long range plans and programs
  • Supervises and manages the County’s transportation planning functions and coordinates with local, State, and federal agencies to provide transportation planning on a local and regional scale